Monday, January 26, 2009

catching up.. (sun.1.25.09)

j. & his daily reading.. & mac jr.

yes, the pictures-of-the-day are alive and well.. i've just been too busy to slow down and post them... i've also decided to give each their own post (mostly for organization-sake).. so if you're a subscriber, don't be wary of the 15 new posts.. they'll be as short and sweet as possible :)

(hope you enjoy the photos.. i sure have enjoyed taking them...)

... ..the past three sundays (this was the last of three) we have sort of camped out on the north end to save from driving all the way home and back for our class at church..

this sunday our spot was the ABC in N.MB...
i was reading the photography magazine steph gave me for christmas and thought i'd try out a couple of settings they suggested! (thankfully jeremy and claire were great sports! :)

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