Tuesday, March 17, 2009

festivities.. + lessons learned... (sun.3.8.09)

(jeremy's birthday party in the upstairs abode..)

pictures from around the room.....

j. enjoying his present (our thoughts).. reese & ricardo.

the (silly) mangerchines and the goffs (& the mad lib:)..

j.k.. and rachel..

sammie & steph..... love those girls..

not pictured:
-claire who had to pick up her mama at the airport.. but made it into the thoughts book! ..yay!! :)

-kari and noah who had to run kinda early.. i'm thinkin it was almost noah's bedtime..

-tracy and davis who also had to leave early....

...and some lessons of the evening that I must express...
(there were several).....

1. Plan ahead.

2. Don't wait till the last minute.
(yes, there's somewhat of a pattern to these)..

3. Make sure there is at least some food ready when the guests arrive. (This we actually did.. at least you can count on me for bean dip and guacamole!! :)

4. Keep grace-full friends around who can make themselves at home when you need to finish cooking.

5. Consider already prepared food when pushed for time.. (such as frozen lasagna from Sam's like Karen suggested).. what a novel idea!! (for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to do it)...

6. Give thanks often.

7. Give more thanks to the friends who love and support you year after year after year and make life better all the time!!!

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