Monday, April 13, 2009

goodies... (Sun.4.12.09)

Yes, the Easter bunny still finds me...

It's probably a little sad. I'm surely much too grown for such shenanigans, but my parents do indulge... and even though they hopped a plane for NY (to visit the G-fam) two days before, they left these sweet goodies for me!!

...the best part.. Kayla's "rools" about taking care of the cat while they were gone.. way too cute for words! (I'll have to take a picture!)

I added the journal in the picture for a reason..

I've been thinking lately of a project for myself.. one that pushes me beyond the daily routine of work and life.. something to challenge my heart to dig a little deeper... hence, the journal...

I made myself a little outline, maybe it will last, maybe it won't.. the point is that I develop the habit of being still... and of listening..

I am a talker and a doer and a busy-body really.

This is me intentionally taking it down a notch.

The goal: to listen more than I talk/write.... ultimately, to learn & grow..

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