Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Becoming Mrs. Alford.. (Sat.3/20)

sweetest moment ever.

New perspective:
Marriage is a whole new world... a whole new state of being.
(My mind can hardly contain it at times!)
One can know all there is to know about marriage
and actually know nothing.

(Marriage is more [and better] than I ever could have thought or imagined it to be! Thinking about it, planning for it, and hearing others' experiences all fall short of actually experiencing it! And I love that.)

New thought:
I think knowing God is much the same...
we can know all about Him
without actually knowing Him.
Kind of a scary thought.

This is reminding me of a conversation I had with Meggan not so long ago -the actualization of a thing is so much MORE than any anticipation/prior knowledge of that thing!

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