Sunday, July 25, 2010

the itsy bitsy spider...

These simple cut-outs made my life easier at Freedom Readers this week as I attempted to get Devonte's attention with reading..

For the past few weeks I have tried to push through his short attention span reading book after book after book and attempting to 'write' a one-minute speech like the other young scholars (who are all a good bit older than him). Being that D. is only four, it's been tough to follow the prescribed regimine, to say the least!

My other aid this week was a dry-erase white board. After we sang the spider song a few times, we drew spiders and talked about how they make webs and lay eggs. Then we even practiced the letter D for Devonte! :)

It made my day to have him so engaged and enjoying himself! So thankful Tracy (Founder of Freedom Readers) was kind -and wise- enough to encourage me to stray away from the norm and get on my little guy's level the best way I knew how...

Great challenge for me. And even greater reward seeing Devonte's joy Wednesday afternoon when he realized I was on his side.. And that he could keep the itsy bitsy spider cut-outs! :)

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