Sunday, August 8, 2010

Abolishing Slavery Today

I've been moved by some who are taking it upon themselves to aid the fight against human trafficking.

With the help of Twitter I've been trying to learn more, discover who's doing something, and determine how I could potentially help.

I was particularly moved by Christine Cane's talk at the The Global Leadership Summit J and I just attended!! TheA21Campaign she started and/or works with is clearly making a difference!! I especially love this list of 21 things we can do to help from wherever we are.

On that note, there is another organization I've just come across:

Reading through their info literally brought me to tears as I imagined the heinous acts constantly happening toward children, women, and many, many others.

This sentence gripped me and broke my heart:
A predator pays as little as $25 for 15 minutes of sex with a child. For the same amount of money, a 4-man team of operatives can be placed on the field to stop him.

The thing that's different about this organization's strategy is that they are fighting the demand-side of the issue. Rather than focusing on the rescue of children, (which they love and support). They are committed to convicting the criminals! As their site says,
Most other organizations address child trafficking by performing rescue operations. SCTNow greatly supports their efforts, but believes for every child rescued another takes his or her place. Not until we stop the predators will we rid the world of trafficking. SCTNow's goal is to put predators behind bars and end the demand.
That's enough from me, if you're moved at all, please check them out for yourself!

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