Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Does...

This is not my motto -officially- but I would have to admit it's a great one...

I recently started following Bob Goff (on twitter & here in blog-land) and I noticed he often ends his tweets with 'love does'..... for a while I was pretty confused [love does... what?? what does love do? why not finish the sentence?]

Well after reading a little more over at I realized what in the world he was getting at.... Love DOES... as in Love is not stagnant or still... it speaks, it listens, it heals, it comforts... it DOES whatever is needed and beneficial... [kinda like love is a verb]... it's in motion and won't be still as long as need exists!

one of my favorite recent-tweets/quotes by my newest hero Bob Goff:

Decide to do one thing this year that would be heroic for you, and then don't tell anyone; instead, do it. Love does

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