Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday goodness...

A morning present from my love...

He wrapped it himself! :)

EXACTLY what I wanted!! :)
and breakfast at my favorite spot... 

Some fun at work (Thanks to Jen!! :)

haha... and she made Bean Dip!!! :) :)

mmhmm, that's whipped icing! :)

And as a finale, we ate at my favorite Thai restaurant! (I tried to get a picture of the Thai TV they had playing -for my BFF- but it didn't work out...)

homemade card from my sis! ♥
not pictured: present from Mom & Dad... some sewing tools I asked for... pinking shears, a sewing ruler, and a rotary cutter! :) :)

and my favorite pie (homemade also) from Mom! :)
Along with some sweet calls, texts, and emails from some precious friends & family, Dad left me this sun-catcher and a sweet card in my car for me to find when I got off work... 

I'd say this birthday was tops!!

...and my Family-in-Love is still scheming a little get-together celebration! :) 

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