Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kayla's [Family] Birthday celebration...

Wednesday (Kayla's actual birthday) the five of us went to East of Chicago pizza place & arcade... (It reminded me of Showbiz Pizza where I had at least 3 years of childhood birthday celebrations!)

yumminess... (that one on the end is taco-pizza!)

[more] presents for the birthday girl

a Webkinz!

Jeremy beating me at ski-ball...

and a very blurry self-portrait (b/c they're my favorite:)
What I failed to document was the fun loot we got to bring home... Kayla racked up on tickets and got a plastic bowling set! Jeremy and I faired pretty well too and brought home a hacky sack, parachute men, bouncy balls, a glider, and those things you turn in-side-out that pop up real high [poppers], and a set of pink vampire teeth... :)

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