Wednesday, November 24, 2010

feels like Saturday...

[...because I'm off work, had time to spend making and eating breakfast with J, and have the rest of the day to PLAY!! ...wooohoo! :]

So... this fall I've been trying out as many pumpkin recipes as I've had time for.... because they're sooo good of course!

pumpkin muffins (the second of 2 tries:)

pumpkin pancakes... mmm!

pumpkin smoothies...

and today, inspired by Jessi C's pre-Thanksgiving post....

pumpkin french toast!!

and they were a hit! :)

I'm also glad to see that I have myself beat from last year's two treats...
*pumpkin cookies and
*pumpkin choc-chip muffins :)


Happy Thanksgiving-eve!! ♥

PS- In all this pumpkin-recipe-trying, I've learned it's more about the spices than the pumpkin... the spices are definitely the important part! :)

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