Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Break Week (InstaFriday style)....

It's Fall Break for my husband
(from NCSU Architecture grad school). 

Thank goodness for a break to catch our breath!

It's nice to be home in Myrtle for a few days 
-resting and recouping and collecting hugs!!

We found this greenway this week
-a block from our place in Raleigh-
so beautiful.

This pretty piece lives on the curb next door.
Haha. She's a beauty, huh!?
I couldn't resist posing for this pic!!!

Grad school is no joke.
I knew we'd be busy, but I really had no idea just how busy!

'savoring moments' is our motto for survival thriving and staying close in the midst of our crazy-crowded schedules!

this was our burrito-supper-break-outside-the-Arch-studio moment

Jeremy's Architecture projects from the past few weeks.

Needless to say,
he impresses me big time!

I am enjoying framing at the studio.
Got to frame a set for twins this week.
So cool.

A little diptic of our visit home so far...
top: former [favorite] co-workers
bottom-left: Sister (birthday lunch at school)
bottom-right: Myranda hug!

Collecting hugs is my favorite part of being home.
...and being totally spoiled by family...

we're spending the first two days with Jeremy's parents...
(man, they're the best spoilers ever!!)
and garden peas just happen to be my favorite!! :)

we'll spend the next two days with my mom, dad, and sister...

Love it.  Love it.

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