Friday, October 14, 2011


Last weekend we were finishing out fall break at home...

Birthday presents for Sister!!

The pouch is just duct tape and velcro. And a few insta-pictures of the fam.

Her birthday party at MedievalTimes... too. much. fun.
(Seeing my dad boogie with the 8&9 year olds had to be the best part!!!)

Sunday lunch with our brother&sister-in-law.
Cade rested up while we ate so we could take 100 more pictures of him before we parted ways! (here's the album link in case you want to see a few from the real-camera:)

Sister and me- celebrating our 5-day-apart birthdays together at Miyabi. All she wanted to do was the birthday chicken dance. It was awesome.

These two. Being silly.

Monday we came back to Raleigh for school & work...
Our chair-friend greeted us. No more morning coffee dates with this guy I guess... 

Almost finished the book I'm reading. It's been good for the soul.

My actual birthday was Tuesday, but lunch didn't work out that day, so my coworkers at the studio spoiled me Thursday with a birthday lunch and ice cream cake... what!?? It was super sweet! 

We haven't had very many datenights since we moved to Raleigh. In fact, we've only had one so far. So, I decided to remedy this by asking for Friday nights off. The weeks are busy enough. We gotta have soooome JK time. :)

So tonight consisted of black bean burgers and a walk through the museum...  and blogging while he read for his Arch-history test this week. :)

It was lovely! 

one of my favorites :)

Guess what else...?

On this weekend last year we first visited Raleigh to look at NCSU as an option. Wow. Just one year later and my love is in the thick of architecture grad school. Couldn't be more thankful!

(I have a picture very similar to this one that J took of me during that visit. Now we live here. Crazy!)

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