Friday, December 2, 2011

Simple Christmas, Advent, and that book giveaway...

We're keeping it simple over here at DixieTrail.

Speaking of advent... 
I've googled and brainstormed, but my calendar-activity-list is not yet complete. I'm in need of a few more [simple, heart-focused] ideas!

Got any good ones to share??

I'm not just aiming to fill the days with activities, but with simple actions that remind & help us lean into longing. <--(great post of that title by Vintage 21 pastor Matt Stevens).

(over the heater:)

Granny's nativity

And about that giveaway... 
Have you checked in yet?
It closes Monday.
Winner posts Tuesday.

At least come tell me what you would start if you could. LOVE the responses so far. Seriously encouraging. Praying we will get up and go for it!

What's to lose?

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