Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lewis Hine exhibit...

Jeremy and I squeezed in another quick museum visit this week - the NC Museum of History... The whole place was great, but this exhibit got to me...

Photographer Lewis Hine used photography to "spark social change" by documenting the exploitation of child workers.

I find it both admirable and inspiring that he used his camera for such an important purpose.

Hine's notes for this image: 
Boy with coat in hand is 11 years old. Been there 9 months. Started at 50 cents a day. Now gets 60 cents. Loray Mill. "When I sweeps double space I gets 90 cents a day, but it makes you work." (Look at the boy.) Two 'infants' appeared at the door, and vanished back immediately on seeing me.
Location: Gastonia, Gaston County
Date: November 1908

intro text
"His images struck a cord with the American public, building support for stronger child labor laws."

Well done, Sir.
So impressed.

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