Thursday, March 28, 2013

grad school days…

Architecture grad school... It's a challenging, wonderful life, and I couldn't be more thankful than to be walking with this guy!

We just celebrated three years of marriage (plus a few dating) and I intentionally love him more everyday. Living in Raleigh has been one of the best seasons for me. It's been bonding for us to have to rely so heavily on one another. And it's been a pure catalyst for growth for me personally.

I'm thankful, thankful, thankful- that we have all we need and even some to give/share. I'm thankful that our families are well and not so far away that we can't run home for a quick weekend. I'm thankful for our jobs and health and the friends we are making here. Thankful that school is going well for him and that I'm enjoying PreK! 

Hoping for -my teaching certificate to get pushed through! And for the opportunity to teach to come through for next year. I need courage and grace and so much wisdom with it all.

I always want to be an understanding and joyful wife. I want to give thanks in all things and love others as Christ has loved me. 

Thanks, Lord, for your goodness to us! May we grow to love you more and more!

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