Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Word(s) for a new year...

Well, it's getting a bit late in the month of January to be talking about new-years-stuff, but because my track-out expands late into the month, I get three weeks of new year's dreaming! And I'm so glad! For Christmas I asked for Lara Casey's #Powersheets and they've really helped me get a handle on some long term thoughts and monthly goals.

So one of the exercises there - and out here in blogland is to choose a word for the year- to guide and inspire... my first was glean. hence the image of books and journal. but I couldn't stop there. After going through the pre-work in the Powersheets, my word is ask -applying to both physical asking and prayer. As I continued to think and pray and consider years past and the ones ahead, I had a few other words I couldn't shake: possibilities and invest.

So instead of one word for the year, I have four. :)

possibilities- are endless. pay attention & seize the best ones.

invest- love, listen, serve, spend yourself on behalf of others.

glean- read, pray, journal, repeat.

ask- dream big. pray hard. think long.

about the books- 
The top book, The Greatest Gift, is actually a December (advent) devotional. I didn't quite finish it in December, but it's so life-giving, it stays on the list.  
And the second- Conscious Discipline LIVE is actually a set of DVDs borrowed from a special ed teacher at my school. It's excellent and so many of the strategies will even work in PreK. 
The one I'm in the midst of is The Circle Maker. It is not your average book on prayer. It is severely expanding my mind and infusing my prayers. Thankful for this one. 
fourth- A Million Little Ways. The subtitle is 'discover the art you were made to live' -  really looking forward to reading it. 
fifth- Shark Tank book. No business yet. Just gleaning. :) 
sixth- Shiny red moleskine, still in the plastic-wrap! Oh yeah! ;)
This info-gathering will certainly be gradual, but here's to some good reads for the weeks/months to come.

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