Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year + reading through the bible

As this new year begins, the word resounding in my head and heart is HABIT. 

I feel like my reading, thinking, & social habits -or non-habits- are what colored last year most. The past several years I've seen my husband develop the habit of reading through the bible in a year. And I've never had the guts to join in - until now.

This year I hope to develop important habits for important reasons - 

READ to sharpen & renew.

RUN to gain strength & endurance.

EAT to nourish.

WORSHIP to connect.

LOVE to connect & restore.

REST to refuel.

TAKE PHOTOS to celebrate & remember.

celebrate, remember, nourish, refuel, connect, restore, sharpen & renew
yes, those are the things I wish to characterize my years.

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