Saturday, November 29, 2008

thankfully exhausted...

this has been a terribly busy, wonderfully exhausting couple of days!!!

first we had thanksgiving dinner at j's gma's (my fam went to my mom's mom's) and j's fam decided to wrap things up early -so j. and i took a [somewhat spontaneous] roadtrip to charlotte to see my cousin katie!!

glad for the chance before she moves back to NY..

great to get to see amanda and her finace' troy while we were at it!

..and J's college roommate Jeremy..

(not only do they have the same name, jeremy l. is dating a kim (who teaches), their brothers and dads have the same names, and their moms' are cheryl and carol!!! :)

really fun times!!! ...we got up early and hurried home today so i could make it to my friend lynn's wedding...

we're both exhausted, but i'd say it was totally worth it! :)

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