Sunday, November 30, 2008


the holiday came and went so fast, i never got to write out my 'thankfulnesses'...
so here goes...

  • i am thankful for grace, and peace, and security beyond circumstances.
  • i am thankful for love and relationships and all the hard work and energy and effort it takes to make them strong and healthy.
  • i am thankful for my upstairs abode and all the comforts of home i would otherwise be unable to afford if it weren't for the support and provision of my parents.
  • i am thankful for kayla and her lively spirit. she is a joy and a treasure and i'm so glad she's safe and sound and able to grow up here under the spoiling parenting of my mom and dad.
  • i am thankful for the vineyard church and the family i've found there.
  • i am thankful for grace and the constant, however slow, transforming power it has in my life.
  • i am thankful for growth and the fruit of joy when i study and apply the Bible to my life.
  • i am thankful to be able to learn from my mistakes and grow in obedience and faith.
  • i am thankful for coffee... my favorite mugs... my favorite chair... a place to rest.. the joy of cooking & experimenting in the kitchen... friends to share life with... books that challenge and inspire.. the opportunity to teach the Bible to children (at work and church and bsf)...
  • i am thankful for ups and downs... the change of seasons.. a lifetime of cherished photos and memories.. and i'm especially thankful for each new day i get to make more!!
...i'm still pretty exhausted physically and emotionally, so it's kind of cool that i didn't get a chance before now to do this... certainly 'fills my tank' to consider all i have to be so thankful for!! <3...all to say, i totally recommend this exercise, if you haven't already done it; slightly therapeutic! :)

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