Tuesday, December 30, 2008

homemade toothpaste...

..seems like forever now since shannon told me about this homemade toothpaste recipe, but i finally got all the ingredients together and out came this fantastic mixture for cleaning my teeth!!

had to capture my little workspace...

..i started to collect the 'toothpaste' -which is actually more like toothpowder- in two separate jars (for sharing purposes:) but then i soon imagined having to twist and untwist that lid a few times a day and thought i might better transfer it over to the mini-tupperware! ;)

so here's the recipe... (i highly recommend it! :)

*zest of one lime (let dry for two hours)

*1 cup baking soda

*20 drops peppermint oil

...i will definitely be throwing out (well, passing on) the tube stuff... it surely is like brushing your teeth with baking soda (because essentially that's what you're doing) but the peppermint oil gives it a more-than-bearable flavor and the lime zest is kind of like a refreshing pulp-texture...

i'm looking forward to yet another way to forgo the storebought stuff!! ..let me know if anyone's up for giving it a try!! <3

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