Saturday, December 27, 2008

more about brothers...

i actually had contact with all three brothers this christmas!!!

(the oldest) in the back row..

don't think i've seen rick since that picture was taken (8/05)... he called christmas day though, and i got to talk to him for a good five minutes...

he sounded great. he's lived alone for the past several years in the upstate. seems to enjoy life working some and shooting his bow as much as he can. :)

gary.. (middle brother)..

gary -who actually goes by 'chelli'- came over christmas day with his wife of three years nancy and two sons dustin (15) and christopher (1 in january). they are precious. all of them. it was so great to see them and spend time with them! nancy has clearly been good for gary.

it is my goal to make it a habit (they only live 45 min. away)!

and then there's michael...
(the youngest)..

michael is actually kayla's dad; long story of course...

i actually got to talk to him last sunday night. there's a lot of mixed feelings with mike because when kayla was born he was around all the time... it's hard to see him struggle and even harder not to be able to help, but i was glad he called and hope one day there will be an opportunity to do more than just listen.

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