Thursday, February 5, 2009

good morning..

ran downstairs to say good morning to dad... he had a great smile on his face and said he was going to work: "and i'm so glad! i can't wait to go to work!!" :) .....yay!!!

surgery update: instead of placing the stint, Dr. G. left it with the balloon procedure...

because it worked! (he said it went from 95% to 0% blocked!)

2. the blockage was right at a branch in the artery and he would have had to 'jail' the branch with the stint (something they do sometimes, but he wanted to avoid with dad if possible).

3. he said that 60% of the time, the balloon results stay. (40% of the time the blockage comes back, and if that's the case with dad, he still can go back in with a stint) ...hopefully we won't have to revist that, but dad was impressed and glad to hear they had plan B in place if necessary!

thanks for all your support and prayers!!! ..i couldn't be more thankful!! <3

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