Thursday, February 5, 2009

false security?

dad's are truly great.. and i believe they're meant to be strong and seemingly invincible in our younger years.. i do believe God designed it that way and intentionally gives us someone to look up to and to get our first view of Him from..

the only problem is not all dads paint a very loving or godly picture.. unfortunately, many display quite the opposite... and even when they are 'good,' we still have a problem... we can just as easily fall into a sense of security based on the great strength they display.

(all this came to mind as people asked, and i considered, kayla's view of dad -and the fact that we guarded her from his need, pain, and surgery).

..would her little world have crumbled as she realized dad's not really as strong/invincible as she thought?

..when and how did i learn it? do wise, godly parents/teachers/adults point their little ones to the strength and character of Christ despite their faulty, sinful nature? first responses are vulnerability and honesty, truth, and close relationship... not to mention a whole lot of prayer and seeking God for ourselves!

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