Tuesday, March 24, 2009

work is fun.. (fri.3.13.09)

practicing for saturday morning story time :)

work really is fun.. I'm so thankful to like it and know that it is a good/right fit for me.

I am tired. I am 'feeling the pain' of all those around me who have been consistently working 40+ hours week after week after week after week..

I'm definitely adjusting to the schedule and workload (as I should be; it's been 6 full weeks) but I still find myself collapsing into downtime.. not to mention the dishes --(they're just so easy to ignore at the end of the day)...

so, while I do love the opportunity and complete blessing of the new work, I am feeling the need for some good old fashioned perseverance and endurance..

I want to enjoy this job for a nice long time, so I intentionally want to pace myself, enjoy the moments, and REST in between!

thanks for reading... <3

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