Friday, June 18, 2010

thoughts & inspiration...

Love reliving the moments
and posting pictures all the time,
but there's a lot going on in my mind & heart as well...

First of all DREAMING...
like dream-job-dreaming
...about mentoring and counseling and
making a difference!!

(don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my job,
but I also know that this is a journey
and I gotta keep moving forward!!)

Had a great lunch date with Tracy Bailey this week!
She let my friend Morgan and I pick her brain
for an hour or so about what she does,
how she does it... and even a little bit about
how she got there.

It was great.
Inspiring to say the least!

By the time I got home and checked my email
that night, she had sent us some more
leadership inspiration.

...some of the best I've ever seen/heard I might add!

Click on that guy... you're in for a 3-minute treat!!

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