Monday, July 12, 2010

sewing update...

Project #12: African Baby Sling

I finished this a few weeks ago and gave it to my dear friend Jill. She was excited to get a homemade maya wrap for Baby Girl #3... of course that made my day! :)

I'm currently back to working on Project #7: the Paisley Dress that I started in October of last year.

This guy took a back seat right about the time we started the bridesmaids' dresses...

thank goodness we only had 3 to make...

I thought they turned out wonderful.
I loved them, and I think the girls did too. :)

Decided to make an album of my projects so I could have them all in one place... Unfortunately I took most of the pictures with the camera phone... maybe one of these days I'll update with new ones, but for now at least they're documented :)

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