Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday sewing...

It isn't often that I have the time (or is it a lack of courage?) to engage in this sweet craft on my own [apart from my teacher's availability during our Tuesday-sew-nights].

But recently, I actually made the time, and mustered enough courage, to put my skills to the test.

(I found & watched some tutorials earlier in the day and went for it based on those... It worked all right, but there were some 'issues' with my seam allowances and the width of the flap being more than the body once it was hemmed... [ugh] I would show you an interior picture, but it was just too messy; I'd rather solve the problem and then post the redo. :)

Speaking of redos...

I did keep going long enough to get started on my second try...

It was fun to finally play a little and have to figure some things out for myself!

Can't say it's better than having a teacher nearby though. ;)

*Addendum: I updated the sewing projects album :)

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