Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fighting Holiday Scrooginess

The past two years I've really struggled to enjoy the holiday season. For good reason, though... I've been working RETAIL! (blah!)

Must work, though... Must smile and laugh and relax.. (but honestly it's hard; Joy is not something that's willing to be mustered! It just doesn't work that way!)

Therefore I really must remedy this for real.. And quick-like, before the whole season passes me by!!

So, to help, I've brainstormed a little list of helps.. My very own little 'Guide to having Happy Holidays!'

1. Aim to make someone's day. Or, better yet, lots of someones' days!

2. Make time to be still, think, dream, and PRAY! (for me this includes drinking my coffee while sitting in a comfy place!)

3. Seize the moments you have with people- with family, esp husbands!, friends, customers, etc. (cherishing people will make the day/time better!!)

4. Be thankful. All the time. (name a few blessings and see if you're not smiling in less than 12 seconds!)

5. Remember this crazy-cold-bitter weather is fleeting. Try to embrace it like a child and remember it'll be gone as quick as it came. :)

...this is just the beginning.

I'm going to keep brainstorming as I have 9 more work days left (out of 10 days till Christmas)!

..time to go make someone's day!! :)

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