Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love wins again...

It's almost time for work today, but I must pause and say that thankfulness and laughter are really the best medicine!! (This morning has been full of both and my heart is glad!!)

The Christmas message this morning at church (via Luke 1:5-56) warmed my heart big time.

I get so caught up in my circumstances sometimes that what I need and want most threatens to pass me by!!

But not today.. Today the love of God flooded my heart in a fresh way --through Jeremy, the sermon, hugs and kindnesses of friends, and the simple nudge of remembrance that these are the sweet blessings of life. Got it. Loud and clear. And I'm so thankful!

My prayer today is that all this joy and thankfulness is what will flow out of me at work tonight. I regret my complaints and be-grudging attitude. I am beyond blessed to not only have all my needs met, but extra goodnesses too!!

(About the photo: last Wednesday evening we got to enjoy some sweet time with my brother and his family (including my sweet nephew pictured here with J!:)

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