Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, Christmas...

December may have been a tough one, but Christmas [and the surrounding festivities] were quite sweet...

I'll leave you with a pictorial view...

our simple decor

some homemade gifts..

(for sister)

unfortunately I didn't make these;
but I did have the honor of sewing them together
and hemming the tops for our sweet cousins! :)

an early December photoshoot with Claire & Darcy...
Check out what Claire's up to: http://waters-rising.blogspot.com

cookie decorating with the Goff girls <3

first married Christmas morning!
mini-gift-exchange before heading downstairs...

...to a very excited 8 year old!

PJ Christmas breakfast with the G-fam

to Grandma's for Christmas lunch (yay for BFFs)

presents with the A-fam...

sweet bro&sis-in-love

happy with his BOOKS for Christmas!

and the next day........ TARGET with Mom at 7am.....
and snow flurries!

It was a sweet holiday indeed. So much to be thankful for!

...almost time for some New Year's thoughts and resolutions!

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