Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 simple resolves...

My general goals for 2011:
  • Read more.
  • Reflect more.
  • And take more action.

Baby step #1... 

I started by finishing my December read... the dip by Seth Godin. 

Three word review: HELPFUL. informative. wise-words-for-guidance. 

(Okay, that's six, but still... )

Baby step #2...

A new journal to start the new year!!!! 

Action Method by behance

I LOVE JOURNALS.. more than blogging; it's true!

And this one... leads to ACTION!! :)

space for dreaming and DOing!

Which leads me to Baby step #3...

an opportunity to take some action.

My dear friend Claire is working on a Big little project and I've been considering ways I could help.

Honestly this idea didn't come from those considerations as hoped, but instead came from a fast-food-fried-chicken-craving I was having on the way home from work this week.... 

Jeremy was eating with his family, I had a $5 bill to spare, and could imagine no other excuse not to cave to my craving and have what I call an at-least-monthly-guilt-free-'chicken-day' 

...UNTIL I thought of the water project. 

(Booo! said my stomach, but Yay! said my heart) --I promptly reminded my stomach [& taste buds] of the yummy black beans they could have instead and proceeded to steer the car home.

So, in the spirit of helping Claire [by helping a community get clean water that they currently don't have access to!], and helping my own health & well-being [by not indulging in fast-food-fried-chicken], I shall abstain from my at-least-monthly-guilt-free-chicken-days this year. And instead give at least $5 per month to charity:water.

Furthermore, I will abstain from all fast food eating this year (sooo sorry, CFA, I WILL MISS YOU!!!) and any vending machine indulgences I may or may not be wishing for in the middle of a long office workday, and will instead add at least $2 per month. (The donation can always be more if I feel led to make any extra fast food or vending machine stops but don't.)

There you have it.

A little self-sacrifice and a whopping $84 this year.

Not a lot, but it's something.

Please know that I share this not to celebrate myself, but to promote this worthy cause -and to hopefully inspire you to somehow take action as well, whether it is with this project or another.

If you have a minute, check out the blog Claire started and send some encouragement her way...

search this blog..