Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What breaks your heart? 
[And what are you DOing about it?]

As Claire so eloquently put it on her water blog: Perhaps the things that break our hearts are also the things that cause the greatest passion within us, the things that lead us to action. (full post...)

I can think of plenty of things that break my heart, but this one --this human trafficking & physical/sexual abuse-- continues to break me in two.

This morning I read A Trafficking Survivor's Plea... and I broke for her and those like her:
I was forced to dance, strip and sell sex (along with five other young girls) for over a month while he pocketed the cash ($1,000-$3,000/night from each girl) and planned our next gig. I was trapped in a life I never wanted without any hope of escape. (full article...)
My brain seriously fights me on this stuff...
What can I do?
I can't even SEE this injustice.
But I know that it exists
and I know it's closer than I realize.

And until it's clear what I can DO...
I will pray
and continue to educate myself
and watch
and listen
and look to get involved

search this blog..