Monday, January 24, 2011


never have been a very fashionable one, BUT I think I may have done it this time...

thanks to naptimediaries' thrift & find post, I have gone and created a Polyvore wishlist/collage --while I'm clueless as to what to call it, I kind of love it...

gathering a few image-favorites definitely helped this non-fashion-sensical-scattered-one gain some direction as I venture to fill in some very gaping wardrobe holes!

Good Will & Plato's Closet, here I come! :)

How about that party dress?? Not sure what it would look like ON, but in theory, I love it! :) ...kinda stuck on chill earth-tones I guess... either way, looking forward to thrifting for a few 'basics' like these!

Next on the VacationDayOne agenda... some potential Mission Statement writing... this guide is intended for moms, but I think it might just be able to help me along! Thanks to this sweet mama Kat!

Any personal mission statements or fashion-wants to speak of??

Peace! ...and thanks for stopping by! ;)

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