Monday, January 10, 2011

in honor of January (self-improvement month)

My January Read: 
Throw Out 50 Things, by Gail Blanke

In honor of self-improvement month, I will be throwing out [at least] fifty things... (HOORAY!!)

I'd say (and I think J would agree) I'm off to a decent start and have been quite motivated to keep it going! (The book is just plain GREAT, so that doesn't hurt one bit! Also, I kind of love organizing; it's staying organized that gets me... hence my goal: get uncluttered. timeline: 30 days.)

In items I would have surpassed the goal of 50 things, but of course Ms. Gail counts sets as individuals, SO these 12 empty cases, 27 sermon CDs and 30 cassettes only count as ONE.... nice!

Actually, I'm GLAD for her logic, and look forward to getting through the physical stuff (ch.1-10) and on to the nitty gritty heart-stuff (ch.11-25)!!

What's on your self-improvement agenda??

[Do other countries treat the new year as self-improvement time? Does their january consist of an overload of exercise and weight-loss marketing like ours, or do they get out of hand in much different areas.....???? ..Steph? How's Thailand looking this new year??]

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