Thursday, March 24, 2011

1% change #1: walk-time...

Naptime Diaries strikes again...  :)

this time she's talking about making some 1% changes
(and blogging about them weekly)

Here's the jist of it: percent changes is a new blog project to encourage and connect other women as they make one percent, baby changes, to slowly and surely walk towards a life of healthiness and walk away from unreasonable expectations of ourselves. The idea is, if we're making tiny and yet still costly changes daily (or weekly! or monthly!) that stick, sooner or later we'll find ourselves healthier women - able to live our lives a bit fuller and a lot less focused on how unhealthy we feel. 
Read more from her first week

And, if you're up for it, write your own post(s) and link up!

So here's my itty bitty teeny weeny 1% [physical] change:

Take some walk-time at least three times per week.

that's all.

15-30 minutes 3xs per week (or more)...

I couldn't have better motivation...

from the absolutely gorgeous weather

to the nice environment at work

and the heart-health it promotes

and the prayer or conversation it encourages when I get going.....

so, there you have it. that's my goal.

hope to add another baby-step next week....

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