Friday, March 4, 2011

Donald Miller's Creator series..

Another blogland go-to... Donald Miller's blog.

What a great series about CREATING!

One of my favorite aspects of well, life, is that we get to play the part of co-creators with God.

From making paintings & poems to making actual BABIES!

What an honor!
(Not that I'm 'there' yet.. just sayin!)

So this final creator-series post stirred me:

A creator focuses, hoes the same land for decades and keeps the soil fertile. He isn’t lazy, he works, every day, moving the plot forward. In addition, a creator actually makes things happen. Creative talk and exploration is not the same as the act of creation. A creator can hold in their hands what they’ve made.... ...
So, I hope that helps. Here are some questions to consider. What do I love to do? Am I good at it, and if not, am I practicing and do I love the practice. And lastly, what am I making. Am I writing a book, painting a series of paintings for a gallery open, pushing songs forward for an album, creating a line of clothes for a fashion show, writing a series of sermons?
Lets go and create.   (read the full post here)

Good words!

What AM I creating??

What are you creating?

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