Saturday, March 5, 2011


Just enjoying the quiet.

Thought I'd take a minute and share some recent highlights...

playing with Instagram... 
Kinda love it! :)

missing my love (Fri/Sat man-excursion)
[Sweet birthday-supper Thursday with the Alford-fam]

catching up with my BFF!
Staying up late to skype with Steph in Thailand was a definite highlight... 
learning that she was soon coming home for a visit was EVEN BETTER!! <3

Prepping for a little extended birthday celebration cookout :)
Thank you Sam's Club! :)

mmmm... a late-morning quiet brunch
Especially nice before a busy Saturday!

Seuss Day at work!!
Rarely do I find working on a Saturday worth-it;
this was a nice exception!

And seeing Sweet Bella (& other sweet friends)
 at T&B's wedding today!! <3

Oh weekends, you go too fast...

Thankful tomorrow is Sunday. 

I pray the weather holds and we have a nice time gathering and celebrating the life of my love.

Good words, Bob. done. (love this guy)

Happy weekend, Bloggers. 
Love & Peace to you.

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