Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was waaay out for work yesterday when this happened...

Thankfully I was close to a church parking lot when my tire blew that I was able to creep along to it & get off the side of the road. The pastor called a friend for help....

I'm convinced this guy was an angel.

He just joyfully gave of his time and energy to help me out!

(that's what Mark Batterson would call 'loving God with all your strength!!')

This was his sidekick Rio! She was too sweet!!

...When all was said and done and he had the spare on tight, it was clear the air was a little low, so he proceeded to let me know I could swing by (basically next door) & fill up before heading on my way!!!


What in the world!?

Couldn't be more thankful for these two.. And sweet Rio :)

What a blessing that they weren't too busy to stop what they were doing for the better part of an hour and help this girl!! Pray they're seriously blessed for their good deeds!!!! <3

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