Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1% change #3: Be Early...

Love this 1% changes Naptime Diaries has come up with...

My recap from weeks 1 & 2:

#1: Walk-time is still going quite well... in fact I'm to the point where if I miss my midday walk, I really miss it! It's been a sweet place for me these past two weeks... This has been much more than a 1% change and I am thankful for that!! (I even got to join my friend-cousins Tuller & Ada -and their mommy Angela- during their walk-time one day this week!!)

#2: Bible Before Blogging (or First & Most) has also been GOOD!!! Most mornings I've been able to read before touching my feet to the floor and that has been awesome! (As you can tell by the strange diptic-ified screen captures, I made it through Romans just this week!! This kind of progress totally fuels me!) <3 So... Week #3 is here and this week my 1% change is to Be Early.

I'm one of those that tends to be late... just like a 5-10-minutes-every-single-time kind of late... To the point of annoying myself.

So, I would like to start thinking and being early --even if just by a minute or two-- however I'll aim for five whole minutes! :)

Happy 1% changing... Definitely check out Naptime Diaries' 1% food changes this week.. such good stuff! Definitely time for me to try some Quinoa!

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