Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Not Okay...

Of course lots of things going on in this crooked world are not okay, but whenever this issue arrises, it hits a nerve, and I really just need to get this out... (so thanks for listening/reading along!)

It's not okay that children are trafficked.

It's not okay that little girls -or any girls- are forced into prostitution or pornography.....

that they're abused and used and degraded.

This grates against my soul like no other evil.

I have been torn about how to get involved, what to do, how to help.....

All I can think is that
the problem is too big
and I am too small.

I can't actually see the victims
or recognize them,
nor the perpetrators,
and if I could...
What could I do?
I am untrained.

In his book Primal, Mark Batterson says,

Don't let what you cannot do keep you from doing what you can. (p.46)

How many times am I stopped in my tracks because I can't do it all??

I can't fix the whole problem
so I guess I'll just do nothing.

Why do our brains do that to us??
(or is it just me?)

Rescue Her is one of many organizations already fighting for these little ones.....

I may not be able to do it all, but I can certainly do something.

We sure do drink a lot of coffee around here.

Every morning.

What if I bought Zoe Coffee from Rescue Her instead of the stuff we normally buy?

$10 at a time doesn't feel like much, but it's a start.

What if I talk to my friends who own a coffee house and see what they think about buying Zoe Coffee??

Any causes grating at your soul??
Do they seem too big?
Have you done something anyway?

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