Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1% change #5: vitamin regimen...

Background: I started taking a generic multivitamin about six years ago... in 2005.

(image source)

I used to buy these at Walmart... for cheap!

Best choice ever.

Immediate benefits:

1. This daily dose seemed to regulate my appetite immediately. (I went from massive portions [+ dessert!] to being content with a  'normal' amount... I attributed that to the suppliments & the fact that my body was not having to take in as much food to get the nutrients it needed.)

2. It also improved my digestion. (aka: The bowels were on the move -regularly. Gross, I know. But a very good thing!)

3. I even think this simple daily vitamin regimen helped me shed a few pounds...

me then... with JILL & Meg :)

Since then I've changed brands and added a few specific vitamins to the list.... and unfortunately gotten away from the regular - daily part.

I just want to get back on track with my regular doses. Once in the morning (with breakfast) and once in the afternoon (between lunch & supper). More complex than before, but not too hard to handle.

(clearly all of these aren't mine, but this is part of our stash:)

The point here is health... and consistency. These 1% changes are really helping me tackle some areas I've been neglecting. Bad habits come easy for some reason. This has been great motivation for me to fight against that.

....Just in case you're wondering, the other changes I've made have been going great...

-walk-time: still loving it. (also nice that I usually walk during my lunch break for work, so the 30 minutes is already there, carved out for me)

-Bible reading: One of the best priority-shifts I've ever made! (I've read three 'books' in 4 weeks... (finished 2 Corinthians this morning!!))

-Being Early (1 & 2): stiiiiiiiilll working on it.... I've made it to on time but early still alludes me! ...for some reason it seems as if it goes against everything in my being!!

Hope to have a happy vitamin-report next week...... Maybe I'll do what my husband does and set an alarm on my phone... good thinking, Love!

Happy changing, friends. ♥
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