Wednesday, May 25, 2011

baked or fried?

no question.

I always (always) choose fried.

ahh, wrong answer, I know.

But I loooove fried.

For a snack when I got home, I devoured my sweet husband's leftover waffle fries that he saved just for me, because he knows how very much I love them... and then my dad made these for supper!!!

crispy fried goodness... it's a shame that I love them so. really it is.

SO, in the spirit of 1% changes (baby-step-size -that's why I LOVE this game!) --I want to adopt the challenge to replace fried with baked once in a while! 

I've already given up fast food this year, so that's not even my vice right now...

But, come date night or the occasional Sunday lunch out, basically whenever I'm given the opportunity, 100% of the time I choose fried -- potatoes, chicken, whathaveyou..... (sometimes may be acceptable, but 100% is just. too. much.)

So, I called my mom-in-love on the way home today just to ask how she does her delicious baked potato fries... It may be just the same way you do yours, but I'll post the steps anyway... even if for myself so that I'll be ready to DO them next time my french fry craving hits (like tomorrow;)...

Cut up potatoes and put them in a zip lock bag,
add some oil,
cheyenne pepper,
minced garlic (or garlic powder if you have none to mince)

Give it some shake-shakes.

Spread them on an oven pan.

Bake at 425 for 10 minutes.
Then switch to broil for 10 more minutes (instead of stirring them around... brilliant if you ask me... either way though!)

and voila... pure goodness.... and it's not even fried!! :)

[she mentioned too that you could soak the freshly cut potatoes in ice water for a minute before adding them to the seasoning-bag..... her fresh-out-of-the-garden-potatoes didn't need such love, but maybe when using store-bought ones, I'll go ahead and add that step:]

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