Thursday, June 2, 2011

JK News (and a stolen 1% change)...

Remember that time we had a little Sunsets & Sushi site where we published updates for friends & family??

Yep, that one that doesn't get a whole lot of love all the time -mostly because I'm too busy playing over here in blogland -and with life in general! :)

Well, there's finally a new update over there!!

Some news you may or may not already know about our location and life for the next few years...

Are you curious yet???

Go see what we're up to already! ;)

PS-- I decided I loved Naptime Diaries' 1% change this week so much, that I will just be adopting it as my own... verbatim. So if you're curious about that too, you can head over there and read her challenge to make an extra meal once in a while & bless somebody with it...... a very good challenge indeed!

(Clearly I love that lady and think she has some pretty great ideas!! Hope you're encouraged and spurred-on too!:)

[I do have my own next 1% change welling up in my heart and mind, I just need to carve out some time to write it...]

♥ ♥

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