Saturday, June 4, 2011

Compassion Doers...

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only... (James 1:22)

This is the real deal...

These laborers are DOing... not just thinking about, or being inspired by someone else's story (although they probably were at some time).

They have gotten off the couch, or out of the office, away from their homes and comforts and have decided to act and work and hug and see and do.

And I am completely awed, inspired, and praying God, keep making me a doer too!

Teach My People, Summer 2007 {{more}}

When you have a few minutes, do read some of these stories...

I kinda hope you have tears as thick as mine while reading their accounts of their trip to the Phillippines with Compassion International...

(Then come back and let me know and maybe we can talk about some things we can do together!)

Emily @ Chatting at the Sky... 
I read Day 3... (I'd say it was as good of a place to start as any!)

Kat @Inspired to Action... 
I started with The Power of Being Known (plus I've read some other excellent posts by her along the way!)

and Keely @ 
She's a photographer, ya'll... oh my. If you only have time for one: Please, go check out those pictures!!

((There are more people blogging with Compassion [on the same trip] but I didn't have alllll day, so you'll have to go check them out if you want to find more Doers from the trip!))

Freedom Readers, June 2010 {{more}}

And if you're so inclined, do go pray for [or SPONSOR] one of these precious ones through Compassion.

**The pics in this post are of times when I felt like I was really DOing, being the gospel, and loving [little ones] like I'm called to do.

Keep me DOing, Lord. Let me not be stagnant or content to stand-by, inspired, but still. Put me to work. Here I am, Send me. (Why does it scare me to say that out loud!? Maybe because I know how hard this work can be.) Little ones are not easy. (neither are big ones) But they're worth it. They're worth every bead of sweat, every tear. So here I am, trusting in His Good plans and purposes (Jer.29:11)! Help my unbelief. Pick me!

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