Friday, July 1, 2011

turning the page...

Finished this beautiful book last night before sleep.

Thankful for this sweet Ann, full of grace, and for the journey of One Thousand Gifts.

As a result of this read, I'm still going strong on my own gratitude journal. It's small and wonderful, and I keep it handy at all times... (It's especially helpful when I'd rather complain.. It daily reminds me of all the great [and ugly-beautiful] things I have to be thankful for...)

With July being our last full month here at home before heading to Raleigh, I'm excited to be starting Quitter by Jon Acuff! (Jeremy's already half way through and continues to encourage me how much I will love this read. --Being the often very reluctant reader that I am, this is a great blessing!:)

Looking forward to closing the gap between my day job and my dream job with Jon Acuff- who works for Dave Ramsey, by the way... (Yep. That puts him waaay up in my book!:)

Happy Friday, Blogland!

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