Saturday, September 10, 2011

Date night [in Raleigh]...

This is the first 5-6 week stretch in years of not at least slowing down for a little Friday night date to relax and laugh and enjoy... (yep: years! -since we started dating in November of 2005!!)...

It's also the first Friday night I haven't had to work since we arrived in Raleigh four weeks ago!

So, clearly, we were beyond thrilled to get some reprieve and go enjoy the city we're calling home!

We started with burritos,

a review of J's current project/ideas,

and about a thirty-minute snuggle-nap on the couch...

It was Heavenly!!

By the time we got out the door it was 9pm. Late for us, but we were already feeling quite refreshed and looking forward to getting out...

Fayetteville Street is apparently where things go down in Raleigh.

There was live music,

city lights,

and a Port City Java that rivaled the one in Wilmington (best one ever in my opinion!).

It's so hard to get our head around the fact that we live here.

And that all of this is about 7 minutes from our little abode!

It was a sweet night. So good to relax and spend some time not-striving.
Very refreshing after such long busy weeks!!

(thanks for all the love and prayers! we're definitely encouraged! praying you are too!!)

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