Monday, September 12, 2011

online reading...

There's some good stuff out there...
a few things I've found enjoyable & beneficial recently...

Love146's love story. Do read this if you have a minute.
I can't tell you how many times I've read it and cried.
What to do with this sorrow? How can I respond? 
(I did send in two images for the 146 Poems of Love project... but my heart is not satisfied... I'm still thinking and praying for more ways to take action.)

Danielle's Take Heart blog: Series of guest posts on adoption (Sept.5-10)
& now her one sweet love adoption fundraiser-giveaway.

Jessi's  FREE monthly home goodnessYou can download the goods for free: a September calendar printable, week plan page, aaand a 1Peter2:9 print. Soo lovely!
Truly, I recommend Naptime Diaries all together. Shocker. I know. :)

Robin's marriage post: just... breathe... [at]

Bob Goff's tweets: I basically love everything this guy writes. It's full of hope & life & truth. 
He has a book in the works I think. Looking forward to that one.

And I've got to thank Kara [at] for the inspiration for this post. 
She's my blogland-Raleigh-friend that I'm hoping to get to know in real life. :)
{her link loves}

Happy reading!
Any favorites to share?

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