Friday, September 16, 2011

Running shorts in Raleigh...

Promptly upon arriving in Raleigh, Jeremy & I noticed the copious amount of RUNNING SHORTS worn in this town!! -not just by college students although they're surely leading the trend, but by everyone it seems!! 

And then of course I had to eat any words I may have spoken harshly about trends & how funny it is to see so many people dressed the same! ....because I found this very cute pink pair at GoodWill for $1.39... and I couldn't resist, so I joined the club! :) 

(too bad I'm not even a runner. pretty sure it doesn't matter. I instantly feel cooler..... haha-- jk! :)

So then I realized something..... 

Running shorts are to Raleigh-kids 
Rainbows are to MyrtleBeach-kids!!

True story!! :)

This city is surely growing on me, but I have a feeling I'll always be a beach-kid at heart! ♥

(aren't you glad to know just a little bit more about Raleigh now!? ;)

...and aren't you GLAD it feels like FALL today!!! How Glorious! The running shorts can wait, my jeans and I are going for a walk!! :)

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