Sunday, November 6, 2011

DC*B and church on the couch...

David Crowder Band was awesome.
So was John Mark McMillan, Chris August, & Gungor.
Seriously loved them all.

The road-trip-part with Claire was great too (even though our 6 hours of ride-time turned into 8 because of an inadvertent detour on the way home!) Thankfully, it was totally worth it!! :)

And today I rested. 

I have barely left the couch.

I even went to church on the couch...
For a good reason: CUMC made a video-interview with Claire about her Charity:Water project... awesome stuff. (I guess they don't post the videos in the archives, but here's the MP3 of the service in case you wanna have a listen.)

(Unfortunately I have to get up and go to a work meeting now... at least there will be food involved. ;) 

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