Friday, November 4, 2011

InstaFriday (pics of the week)...

Some favorite camera-phone-moments from this week...
{{InstaFriday style}}

Sweet friends from home... they were passing through from a conference in Greensboro and made a point to join us for coffee, a tour of the studio, and a quick supper stop at the Flying Biscuit Cafe'! YUM! :)

I know we look like ourselves,
but this is us dressed up for Halloween.

I was "a student,"
and J said he was "a Duke fan dressed up like an NC State fan." :)

Even more festive: my co-workers(& the cutest customer!)

Sometimes when I don't have to work in the evening, I like to join J at the studio.

This week I got to 'help' cut chip board in the materials lab. :)

And today... after the work day, I'm off to see these guys with my dear friend Claire.
Can Not Wait!!!! 

Happy Friday, Friends!

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